Nogales, Arizona

News Articles

The Fall 2016 issue of the AZ Episcopalian ran an article by Vicki Fitzsimmons on the restoration of hearing for a clinic patient by on the St. Andrew's Children's Clinic doctors.  St. Andrew's Children's Clinic--Work of God On August 15, 2016 the Arizona Daily Star ran this article on the St. Andrew's Children's Clinic.  Nogales Clinic helps Children in Need

Editor Dan Shearer of the Green Valley New/Sahuarita Sun interviewed Jesus Hernandez of Nogales, Sonora after he received the gift of sight in a successful corneal transplant.  A truly exciting story!  Eyes opened to a new future

Bishop Kirk Smith of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona visited St. Andrew's Children's Clinic on February 4.  He wrote the linked article Partners in Compassion about his experience and what it means to all of us. 

"Lessons Learned at St. Andrew's Children's Clinic." Vicki R. Fitzsimmons writes for Episcopal News Service June 28, 2012. Click here to read her article on line.

Great Editorial from the Green Valley Sun, February 5, 2012. Click here

Lupita's Story - Newspaper article here

'Coca' Romero, Clinic's Patient Coordinator, Receives Prestigious Award From Mexican Government

Read about the Ohtli award presented by the Mexican Consul on September 15, 2010 here.

Story about The Clinic by PBS, channel 6, Tucson, as part of “Arizona Illustrated”  - aired April 22, 2014. Click here to view.

Overall view of The Clinic including interviews with long-time volunteer, Dr. Francisco Valencia, and orthopedic patient, Lupita Montes. Highlights mission of St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic and positive impact on children’s lives.