Nogales, Arizona

Patient Progress

We see patients from infants through age 18. If a child needs our medical care throughout his/her life, we make a commitment to provide that care. As we find adults who have been patients, we will highlight them here to show the difference that St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic made in their lives. From time to time, we will show photos of children at different points in time—again to show the difference The Clinic has made in their lives and the commitment we make to their care. Photo update January 2017.

Alma Gonzales Marcus is a former patient and now a volunteer at St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic. She helps cooks the meal for the volunteers in the Kitchen. Alma came to The Clinic with burns over her arms, legs, and face; she was 10 years old. The Clinic sent her to Shriners Hospital in Sacramento for treatment. She is very thankful for the care she received. Her dream is to go to the Hospital someday and thank the doctors personally for her care.

Alma is now 41 and lives in Nogales, Arizona. She married a U.S. citizen and moved here at that time. She has 3 children. She lives near the church where The Clinic is held and finally stopped one day to see what she could do to “give back” to The Clinic. We put her to work in the Kitchen where she is very happy.