Nogales, Arizona


Volunteers are crucial to all Clinic activities. This section features some of our volunteers in action. Our volunteers are dedicated to the children. Some have been volunteers with The Clinic for 30 years or as little as a year. They keep coming back because of the good they see happening at The Clinic and how the patients are helped. We feature several volunteers here and will rotate photos every 3-4 months. Please check back often to learn about our volunteers. New faces were added January, 2017.

Dr. Bertyl Romanus (l) and Dr. Francisco Valencia (r) are orthopedic surgeons in the Orthopedics Department. Dr. Romanus lives full-time in Sweden and winters in Scottsdale. Dr. Valencia has a pediatric orthopedic practice in Tucson.
We are probably the only clinic that feeds its patients. That’s because many of them travel a great distance and spend most of the day at the Clinic. Here, volunteers Patty Glogowsk, Jean Ross, and Lou Clapper take trays of food out to patients and parents waiting in line for admission to The Clinic.

Jake Brubaker of Hanger Orthotics and Prosthetics in Tucson makes adjustments to a child’s prosthesis. He volunteers in the Orthotics & Prosthetics Department.
Dr. Penny Rosenblum, Certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired, helps a child learn to use a braille writer. Interpreter Martha Lopez looks on and translates as needed. Both volunteer in the Vision Department.
Jim Fitzsimmons, Board member and Secretary/Treasurer, presents an iPad to speech therapist Sharon Hendrickson-Pfiel. The iPad was paid for with money from Vicki Fitzsimmons’ voice recital. Children in the Augmentative/Alternative Communication Department use the iPads with special software to communicate with teachers, friends, and family.